The Journey to March Drum Corps

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    Hey! Who is trying out for a corp?

    I’m going for Crown this year. Good luck everyone if this weekend is your first camp~

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    Yeah, okay, the program didn’t work so well. Doesn’t mean you have to give up. Do a Baker’s Dozen or two, run a few miles. I managed six miles yesterday. Sure you might be thinking SIX MILES? But yes. You can do it too! Don’t go for a 6 minute pace, you might not make it. I sprinted the straights and walked the curves. That’s the important thing with Drum Corps, the burst of effort and then recovery time. GO AND GET ‘EM.

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    21 August 2011

    I’m quite awful at this commitment thing aren’t I? I thought I had a brilliant plan with miniworkouts but teching really opened my eyes how drained you can be at the end of correcting highschoolers. There was no way I was going to be doing a single crunch when I came home. I ran four miles today, and have a hike planned on the Appalachian Trail tomorrow that will prove eventful. In anycase, keep up your fitness and dietary goals, I believe in you!

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    15 August 2011 :: Day 1

    So day one! We’re going to start with a little something that isn’t too challenging that is always perfect to tack on to a workout, or even if you’re just watching tv and have commercials. When I used to have tv it was absolutely the perfect time to get that little extra bit of calorie-burn while relaxing. And so ladies and gents we have the infamous Baker’s Dozen. Extraordinarily simple, it starts with 13 curl-ups in whatever fashion works best for you. Less challenging being hands over your chest to the beginning of your thigh, more challenging being hands behind your head to your knee. If you can’t do them all hands behind your head, try alternating them! And then is 13 pushups. If you get tired, go to your knees but push through it as best you can. A good alternator is diamond pushups where you join your forefingers and thumbs to make a diamond. And then 12 curl-ups, 12 pushups, 11 curl-ups, 11 pushups, and continuing on until one of each. This is a splendid exercise as it shouldn’t take too long and works on the main muscles needed for the activity. It’s a mental exercise as well, as you don’t want to give up when it’s only five mere pushups right? Then it’s four, three, two, one, you’re done! Whatever you do, don’t give up. The best effort is to keep trying, even with adjusted form. Good luck!

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    227.2 and feeling good!

    Hey everyone its been a while but I’d still like to say hello and such! I attended the conclusion of the Tour of Champions show, and it was pretty spectacular. It was nice (and may I mention heartbreaking) to see many of my corp friends but they’re looking good. Nicely cooked as well. Now, as the title of this blog states, The Journey to March Drum Corps, I’ll be hopefully changing the dynamic of this blog in order to fit that. I’ve already made a drum corp so I know what the expectation is when it comes to physical, mental, and musical. I’ve touched on some of the mental aspects, and can continue to do so if it is wished. However, with the start of band camp (for some) I will be handling the physical aspects of it. You might be thinking, “I can’t work anymore, I’m already in band camp, isn’t that enough?” Is your highschool program enough to get you into your corp of your dreams? If so, stop now, and go ahead with your life. My suspicion is that it isn’t, and you’ll just need that little bit more effort to make it into your corps. I myself will be teching a local highschool, so for the next two weeks this programme will be more tailored to those exertion levels. Feel free to follow this if you want. My goal is to have a maybe ten or fifteen minute daily routine for each day that will work out the main muscles that will be needed. It’ll consist of a recommended amount of various exercises such as pushups and such and a recommended amount of reps. These will all be composed from exercises that I myself have done for drum corp or in preparation of. The goal of these routines is to add just a little more to your day to get you prepared for auditions in the fall that your normal band programme do not necessarily include. Right now we will not be necessarily be working on endurance, but stick with it and we will! If you have any questions feel free to put them in my ask! I look forwards to working with you and hearing your results!

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    Posting from the JMU Summer Band Camps in Harrisonburg, VA

    and to start this entry off, I can’t take any marcher seriously if they are in a pair of converse or skate shoes. Sure, you might use them as a uniform option in an indoor show, but when you are rehearsing for eight-plus hours a day, with all fun types of moving, you need to have the right shoes. While I know that not everyone can afford an expensive pair of running shoes, most athletic types of shoes can offer you the right support. I’m not hating on converse, I have four pairs myself, they are certainly what you don’t want to be wearing if you wish to preserve your ankles and legs. That said, it surprises me how many marchers here that do not know of DCI. When I said I had been accepted to march Cadets to a trumpet player, he exclaimed, “oh! That’s DCI! What band were you in?” I suppose there might be a lot of misconceptions about it, but I guess I would just hope that most had heard of DCI. Most highschool band kids know about Midwest right? Every band wants to be of ‘Midwest’ quality, and listening to those bands give you something to look up to and strive towards. Shouldn’t it be the same with drum corps? They’re the best of the best, and while not being the best examples for woodwinds, most certainly give a stellar example to any brass player. I also understand that the level gap is incredibly wide (the JMU opener being seven sets, the Cadet’s being seventy-one), the incredible musicians, workers, and people of DCI should be a better known example. Once I go through my notes, I’ll update on the leadership seminar that was given.

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    Hmm not doing any better and I have yet to run. Will do tomorrow.

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    Starting the running today, three mile. Half marathon on August 27th

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    Not bad considering how much I’ve not been working out. I got this, don’t worry.

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    Honestly, I haven’t really done much these past two days, just eliminated junk food and not had so many meals. Probably waterweight, but still

PortraitHello my name is Nicci, and I'm starting this blog off of my personal one to keep track of myself in my quest to stay in drum corps.
As of right now, I was accepted into the Cadets, and will be marching upper-first Mellophone this summer.
Hopefully you'll learn something from this blog that will in turn help you in your own journey into drum corps. I know exactly what it's like to go to your first camp, completely overweight and not physically in shape, yet work hard enough and make it in. I want to be able to share my experiences and hopefully help you!
I'll be posting my general upkeep of myself and handy work out techniques.
I hope you're doing well, and GOOD LUCK.
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